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Below we have answered some questions that we are frequently asked. If there is anything you would like to know that hasn't been answered here please feel free to email us at For our terms and conditions and wholesale enquiries please visit our Info section. 




I have sensitive skin, can i use your products?

Our products have been formulated with sensitive skin in mind and thoroughly tested on our own sensitive skin. Everything is produced to be mildly cleansing and moisturising however, it is still possible to be allergic to natural ingredients. We list every ingredients used in our online store next to each product so you can check what is in it before purchasing. The ingredients are also labelled on the packaging itself. We also recommend that those with very sensitive skin who are concerned about trying our products to do a patch test. Apply some of the product on your skin and leave for 24 hours and assess your sensitivity before using the product further. As we don't use any aritificial fragrances, harsh surfactants, petrol dyes and mineral oils, parabens or preservatives our products are already more gentle than most. Sensitive is mostly irritated by synthetic and harsh ingredients which we omit from our recipes.

Do you test on animals?

No we do not. Animal testing is in fact illegal in the EU however in some markets across the world it is still a requirement. We will never sell to or support these markets. All of our products are tested on us first, and then friends and family before we take them to market.

Are you products suitable for vegans?

Everything we produce is vegetarian, we don't feel the need to use any ingredients that end sentient life. All of the products currently on offer are vegan except My Honey, which contains locally sourced, sustainable honey produced by a local bee keeper. We like to know where our ingredients come from, how they are produced and whether they are ethical. All future products will be completely vegan. We have had a great response to our products from the vegan community and we wish to support this movement as much as we can. Our ingredients are listed on our website and on our packaging so you can check to make sure the ingredients align with your lifestyle and ethical choices.

Are your products truly handmade?

Absolutely! Everything we sell is hand poured, hand cut, hand stamped and hand wrapped. We take great care and pride in producing individually wrapped bars of soap and other skincare producrs. All of our design work, recipes, labels and marketing and promotional material are designed in-house by us and we feel this is what makes us stand out. The process can be labour intensive however we get such great feedback about the look, feel and presentation of our products that we are happy to continue. We also love it ourselves!

How long will a bar of soap last?

This questions has a slightly variable answer, however if you follow our usage and storage guidelines a bar can last up to 3-4 weeks. As explained in our about section, soap contains glycerin, a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture out of the air and is the reason soap is so moisturising for your skin. However, if you leave your bar of soap inside the shower, next to the bath or near other water sources it will continually attract moisture and you will see you bar become small and softer over time. Bye bye money and soft, silky skin. Whether you buy our products online, at a market or in stores we will always advise that you store your bar away from water to maximise usage and preferrably on a soap dish that allows air to circulate and water to drain of your soap bar. We sell biodegradable soap dishes in our store, please go and have a look. Our soap is also very bubbly. You only need to rub it on our loofah or sponge once or twice to get a really good lather. As our soap recipes do not have water in the finished product, your bar of soap will never go 'off'. The product will last for many years into the future and keep its same mild properties however, to benefit from the scent of the natural essential oils we advise to use within 6-12 months of purchase.

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