The industry is linked to many issues such as habitat destruction, species loss, climate change and indigenous rights abuse.  
























Here at Spirit Tree Skincare we avoid many of the common ingredients found in bath and toiletry products for safety, environmental and moral reasons. We actually have more to say about the ingredients we don't use and you can read more about that below. Our aim is to encourage you to think about what you are putting on your body and to do your own research, educate yourself and make ethical choices. 



Free From & Vegan 

Environmental Policy

Environmentalism and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Soul Tree Natural Skincare. We operate under a strict environmental policy that ensures we use minimum energy, produce minimum waste and tread lightly on the earth.

All of our products are scented with 100 % natural botanical essential oils and extracts. You will never find  artificial fragrance oils in our products as we believe nature is the best healer and everything you need for a sense of calm, health and well being has already been provided for us. 





We are passionate about using only natural, high-quality ingredients to create our products. Every ingredient is carefully selected and researched ensuring they are safe and gentle on your skin and the environment.


Our aim is to encourage people to start using traditional, cold process soap bars made from nourishing plant oils again. Shower gels and other washing products containing sulphates, parabens and artificial fragrances tend to dominate the market, however, these harsh ingredients are not only known irritants to sensitive skin but are also a pollutant of groundwater, toxic to aquatic organisms with the potential for bioaccumulation in the environment. They are also mostly packaged in plastic. 


Our ingredients are sourced locally where possible and are purchased unrefined and minimally processed.



Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oil

Learn more about the ingredients we use

So what is wrong with palm oil?

According to the World Wildlife Fund the equivalent size of 300 football pitches of forest is cleared every hour for palm oil plantation pushing wildlife to the edge of extinction.

In the last 20 years 90% of all orangutan habitat has been cleared for unsustainable palm oil development and is now considered  a conservation emergency. 

The Orangutan Foundation was the first UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of the loss of the orangutan their tropical forest habitat. 

You can learn more about the palm oil industry and how you can get involved at

You will never find palm oil or any of its derivatives in our products



We wanted to design beautiful and unique packaging for our products from recycled materials that could be further recycled or composted and create a completely biodegradable product. Paper was the best option and we use unbleached kraft paper that is post-consumer recycled or FSC certified where possible and we have all of our labels printed with eco-friendly inks. 







You will never find the ingredients listed below in any of our products. Learn why we choose not to use them. 

Parabens - Parabens are used in cosmetics as preservatives and can be found in any product that contains water - shampoos, body lotions and hand wash. A known endocrine disruptor parabens have also been linked to an increase risk of breast and other cancers. Commonly found in synthetic fragrances. 


Pthalates - Pthalates are chemical compounds that are used to make plastics flexible and a s alubricant in cosmetics. Widely used in all industries as containers for food and for fragrance in cosmetics, pthalates have been proven to mimic, displace and disrupt hormone production. 


Petrochemicals - Petrochemicals are used widely in cosmetics mainly as colourants and fragrances. FD & C colouring (those beginning with E) should be avoided and anything listed as 'parfum' or 'fragrance' as 95% of artificial fragrances will contain petrochemicals. 


Surfactants - Surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate are widely used in the cosmetics industry as cleansers and found in shower gels and shampoos amongst other products. They have been shown to pollute aquatic environments in sufficient quantities resulting in lowered breeding abilities of aquatic organisms. They can also be produced from palm oil.  


Tree Planting


As you can probably tell by now, we love nature and that is why we have pledged to plant one tree for every online order we get!

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Palm Oil



Palm Oil is a type of edible vegetable oil derived from the fruit of the African Oil Palm Tree. Originally grown in Western Africa the industry is now present in Asia as well as north and south America.


Indonesia and Malaysia produce 85% of the 50 million tonnes of palm oil produced annually with the industry having devastating effects on producer countries. 

Palm oil is a common ingredient in soap making, producing a hard, long-lasting bar of soap but there are numerous environmental and social reasons that we choose not to use palm oil. 

Indigenous Rights Abuse

Focus tends to be on the environmental impact of the palm oil industry with little mention of the social implications. 

Governmental interest in economic growth has allowed large corporations to take land from indigenous communities violating indigenous rights act. 

The lack of recognition of community land rights in areas of palm oil plantations has led to whole communities becoming evicted from their land with no warning

Climate Change

The deforestation linked to palm oil production contributes significantly to climate change with tonnes of green house gases emitted annually from the burning of native forest.

Indonesia is one of the largest emitter of greenhouse gases with levels continuing to grow due to the palm oil industry. Demand for cheap snack food and cheap toiletry products is the driver behind this practice. 





As a business we are committed to adopting a plastic-free lifestyle and helping to clean up the oceans.






Vegan Friendly Skincare



All of our products are vegan except our My Honey bar of soap. This was the first product we ever created and we have some much-loved fans who find it gives them great relief from their eczema. They have requested that we keep this bar and for that reason it is still in our range.


We do however ensure our honey is locally sourced from a sustainable beekeeper. 


Other than My Honey, everything else is created from plants based and mineral ingredients. Learn more on our ingredients page. 



100 % Natural, Handmade Vegan Skincare

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